Protein interactions from Imaging Complexes after Translocation (PICT)

During his research in the lab of Marko Kaksonen, Oriol developed PICT to study protein complexes in yeast cells. PICT is a method that allows the accurate measurement of parameters that define protein complexes in a physiological context. This technique provides a simple fluorescence microscopy readout for the study of protein-protein interactions and their dynamics in living cells (Gallego et al. 2013). Recently, we have combined PICT with fluorescence localization and computational integration of structural data to reconstruct large protein assemblies directly in living cells (Picco et al., 2017). In our lab, we continue working to further develop this method. In this web you will find a description of the basic principle of PICT as well as a list of reagents you might need to perform a PICT assay with your favorite complex.